Kirsten Anne Collins
7/3/1965 – 25/8/2019
Forever in our hearts

This website has come about through a very generous donation from the Collins family in memory of Kirsten Anne Collins. Tony Collins writes:

The family is funding this website so that other patients and families can gain a better understanding of ICU and how it affects everyone and hopefully make their time a little less traumatic.

Please read the full dedication.

The Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS)

The Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS) is pleased to maintain this website for patients, families and carers who have experienced being in an ICU. ANZICS is a not-for-profit organisation. It is a world leader in intensive care medicine research. It is also involved in training of ICU professionals and other areas of intensive care medicine.

The layout, readability and design of this site has been developed to be accessible for the general population speaking English, with emphasis on making it accessible to those with low health literacy. In the future, we envisage the site being expanded to include culturally safe materials for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia and other culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Australia and New Zealand.


A governance committee (including intensive care specialists) run by ANZICS has been appointed to review topics, oversee maintenance and guide future directions for the My Life After ICU site.

This website does not host or receive funding from advertising.

Development team

A team has worked together to create this site. The team includes:

  • ICU specialists and nursing staff
  • allied health professionals
  • medical communication experts
  • web development and user experience experts
  • consumer experts

We thank all patients and families who have given us permission to share their personal stories on the site.

Coordination: Matthew Anstey (ICU doctor), Steven Musca (ICU doctor), Bradley Wibrow (ICU doctor), Alyssia Haling (PICU doctor)
Content specialists: Kimberley Haines (ICU physiotherapist), Christina Whitehead (ICU research nurse), Stuart Lane (ICU doctor), Angela Tonge (Social worker), Liz Crowe (Counsellor), Debbie Long (PICU nurse), Lynsey Sutton-Smith (ICU nurse), Amy Freeman-Sanderson (Speech pathologist), Matthew Anstey (ICU doctor), Steven Musca (ICU doctor), Bradley Wibrow (ICU doctor), Alyssia Haling (PICU doctor), Ed Heydon (ICU doctor), Ed Litton (ICU doctor)
Design: Concise Digital
Content development: Sarah Doyle (doctor), Founder of What the Doctor Said
Illustrations: Jane Coffey
With special thanks to the consumer experts: Kay Bruce, Sharon Knapp, Emily Zipser


Please note, the information contained on this site should not replace information supplied by a specialist doctor involved in your (or a loved-one’s) care. If you have any questions about a personal circumstance, please speak directly to your doctor.

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