ICU Stories

Reflections by Alex

“But it was this pain that taught me that the things that tormented me most were the very things that connected me with all the people who are alive, who had ever been alive. And in realising so, I was at peace; at peace with where I had been, at peace with what I had been through, and at peace with where I was headed.”


Andy's story

“The effects on my wife, children and family have been difficult and I will forever be grateful for their love and support during my times of need; without that support I don't know what might have happened, as I struggled with reality at the time. A family's worth cannot be underestimated.”


My experience in ICU at the Royal Adelaide Hospital

“It has been an enormous change for me. I used to help people in my field of work, and in my own time, and now have to accept help from others. That has been an extremely hard thing for me to accept.”


Barry's story

“Through all of that the one thing I realised is if you persevere long enough, eventually your body will mend.”


A patient's story

“At least I now understood that my hallucinations were just that – terrible things that just could not have been real.”

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