Bedspace and what to bring

Your child may have their own room in the PICU or may be in a bay with other patients. Every bedspace in the PICU has a monitor and special equipment.

We recognise that the PICU is unfamiliar and may feel frightening for your child. There are new noises and a lot of equipment and new people.

These are some of the things you can bring in to your child's bedspace:

Photos and drawings

You might choose to decorate your child's bedspace with family photos or special drawings.

Toys, books, iPad, music

It may help your child if you bring in their favourite toys. Some children may enjoy having their favourite books with them and their iPad. You can also bring in music your child likes listening to.


Most children in PICU need special equipment around the bed (see PICU bed interactive). There are usually leads and tubes required for this equipment. Your child may wear a hospital gown in bed. Staff can also help adapt your child's usual pyjamas or clothes if they find that more comfortable.

Glasses and aids

If your child uses aids such as glasses or a hearing aid, you may wish to bring these into PICU.

Specialised equipment

If your child uses a wheelchair or other specialised equipment you may also wish to bring these items into PICU.

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