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My Life After ICU does not offer crisis support, counselling or medical advice. This website is also not a substitute for professional care. If you need support from a professional contact your GP, your local health centre or one of the services listed below. Family and friends of someone going through a crisis can also use these services for advice and support.
In a medical emergency call 111

Urgent help

Lifeline Aotearoa

0800 543 354

Counselling from qualified counsellors and trained volunteers. Calls and texts are free and confidential.
Available 24/7

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0800 72 66 66

Free phone counselling for those experiencing loneliness, depression, despair, distress or suicidal feelings.
Available 24/7

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Suicide Crisis Helpline

0508 828 865

For those experiencing suicidal thoughts. For those supporting someone else or who are bereaved after suicide.
Available 24/7

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Depression Helpline

0800 111 757

Counselling for those experiencing anxiety and depression. Available 24/7

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0800 611 116

A free service to talk to registered nurse for free health advice. Run by the Ministry of Health. Available 24/7

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0800 543 754

Counselling service for children and young people up to 18 years of age.
Available 24/7

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Need to Talk 1737


A free phone and text service for New Zealanders feeling down, anxious or a bit overwhelmed.
Available 24/7

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The Lowdown

0800 111 757

Counselling and help for young people experiencing depression, anxiety and other mental health issues (phone, text, webchat and email). Available 24/7

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Other online and phone support services

Alcohol and Drug Helpline

0800 787 797

Free and confidential counselling for those experiencing alcohol and drug related issues.

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Gambling Helpline

0800 654 655

Free 24 hour helpline for those worried about gambling or the gambling of others.

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Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

Provides information for anyone going through a difficult time and also for people supporting someone they care about.

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Parent Help

0800 568 856

Anonymous, non-judgemental and free support and advice for parents. Free parent helpline. Available 9am to 9pm 7 days a week.

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0800 299 100

Supporting children, young people, family and friends through times of trauma, grief and loss. Online or phone counselling sessions can be booked. Call 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

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Yellow Brick Road

A national organisation that provides support for whānau who have a loved one experiencing mental health challenges.

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0800 376 633

Free counselling and support services (phone, text, webchat and email) for young people struggling with mental health and other issues. Available 24/7

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What's Up

0800 942 8787

What’s Up is run by Barnardos New Zealand. A free, nationally-available counselling helpline and webchat service for children and teenagers. Monday to Sunday 11am – 11pm

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Information and support for particular health issues or communities

Are you OK?

0800 456 450

New Zealand Government family violence support line. Provides easy access and relevant information for people seeking support for family violence.

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A range of free services for those aged between 13 and 24 dealing with their own cancer, their parent or sibling's cancer or the death of a parent or sibling.

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Emerge Aotearoa

A national charitable trust that provides a wide range of health and social services. Their mission is all about strengthening whānau so communities can thrive.

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Grief Centre

The Grief Centre offers grief counselling for all forms of loss and grief. Offers support in-person, over the phone and online through Zoom.

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Growing Through Grief (AnglicanCare)

The Growing Through Grief Service offers programmes for children, young people and adults who are experiencing change, loss and grief in their lives.

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GROW Mental Health

Community mental health organisation. Runs weekly groups suitable for people recovering from mental illness, anyone suffering a crisis, and for those who need support to manage their daily lives.

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Health Navigator

A not-for-profit community initiative for New Zealanders to find reliable and trustworthy health information and self-care resources.

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Kenzie's Gift

A charity that supports the mental health of children and young people. Child and family psychotherapists provide one-on-one support. Online and printed resources also provided.

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Rural Support

0800 787 254

Rural Support Trusts have local, rural people who know from experience that pressures can mount up. Their networks and training can help with all kinds of situations. Call for free and confidential support.

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Sepsis Trust

0800 764 915

The New Zealand Sepsis Trust provides education and clinical tools and raises funds to support sepsis awareness and research. They offer a helpline staffed by nurses who will respond within 24 hours.

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Stroke Foundation

The Stroke Foundation is the national charity in New Zealand solely dedicated to the prevention of and recovery from stroke.

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Vagus Centre

0800 567 666

The Vagus Centre (previously Family Harmony Services) provided by the Chinese Mental Health Consultation Service Trust. Offers free counselling to Chinese Individuals/ families having difficulties in relationships and parenting issues.

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Government support services

Accident Compensation Corporation

This is New Zealand's no-fault insurance scheme. It helps New Zealander's and visitors get back to everyday life if they've had an accident.

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Citizen's Advice Bureau

0800 367 222

Provides free, confidential, independent information and advice to anyone. Help people know what their rights are and how to access services they need.

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0800 725 463

A free information service for older people. Provides information on how to get help at home, community services, rest homes and support for carers.

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Financial and employment support services


0800 345 123

A free helpline for those experiencing financial hardship. Moneytalks can provide advice on budgeting, bills, debt and loss of income to individuals, families and whānau.

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Work and Income

This service helps people to get the financial assistance they're entitled to. Run by the Ministry of Social Development.

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0508 858 858

A professional employment service for people with all types of disability, including people who have lived with the long-term effects of injury and illness.

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ICU Follow Up Services

Hospital ICU Follow Up Services do not offer crisis support, counselling or health advice over the phone. If you or a family member need support from a professional please contact your GP, your local health centre or one of the services above. In a medical emergency call 111

Click on this link to find out about ICU Hospital Follow Up Services in New Zealand.

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